Dance Adventure, Vol. 1


Dance Adventure, Vol. 1

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Becca Retter has created an amazing body of work that is perfect for your youngest dance students. The purpose of this class is to simplify the dance teacher’s preparation time and offer a fun and exciting time for your young dancers. Reaching into your student’s imagination, this class concentrates on balance, agility, timing, and creativity. Dance Adventure, vol. 1 is an amazing 2-disc, 42-track collection that can be used from beginning to end as a full Tap & Ballet class or select various songs to enhance your own classes.

Enhanced CD includes:

  • Two-Disc collection
  • Disc one offers vocal instruction from Becca Retter
  • Disc two offers music without instruction
  • PDF file of notes on both discs. Simply insert into your computer CD Rom and view or print!

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