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Dance Advantage - With Imagination Download

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With Imagination from MusicWorks offers 3 dances to really let your young dancers express themselves! From the funky “Bee A Dancer to the precious ”Butterfly Princess Ballet” to the super fun “Minion Mania” Becca’s got you covered for your 4-10 year olds. Exciting songs and dances your students and audience will love.

Bonus! MusicWorks has partnered with Curtain Call Costumes to provide each With Imagination dance with the perfect costume to complement your performance. Enjoy the "full package" and watch your dancer’s imagination Fly!

Dances offered in this collection:

  • Bee A Dancer is a grade 1 jazz dance perfect for your 7-10 year old students. This song has an “easy groove” that really builds at the end. Your dancers will love to dance to this song. A fun and funky song that is so catchy! BUZZZZZZZ! Time – 2:23
  • Butterfly Princess Ballet is a pre-ballet song and dance with a butterfly *wand prop. This Disney-Princess like ballet dance is perfect for your 4-7 year old students. What a wonderful story of beauty and make-believe! Every young dancer loves to spend time in their imagination and this song and dance is perfect for that. Time – 2:30
  • Minion Mania is a grade one song and tap with a *unicorn prop that your 4-7 year old tappers will really enjoy. Set to the melody from the song Y.M.C.A, just like the movie, Despicable Me. This will be a hit with your young dancers and your recital audience will love the charm. Time – 2:56

*Props Not Included

Download Includes (Use iTunes to play files)

  • Video files of Break Down and Performance of “Be A Dancer”
  • Video file of Performance of “Butterfly Princess Ballet”
  • Video file of Performance of “Minion Mania”
  • 6 files of audio - Instructional and Performance tracks with end tag of “Be A Dancer”, “Butterfly Princess Ballet”, and “Minion Mania”
  • Choreography notes
  • Lyrics Sheets
  • Cover Art
  • Download Videos now in HD!

Songs with Choreography Notes also availabe as seperate Downloads (No Video): TA1328DL, 1329DL, 1330DL

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