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Dance Advantage, Vol. 7 Download

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 7 by Becca Retter offers 12 dances for your 3-13-year-old dancers. Each dance includes instructional videos and performances. Music is not included. Songs are sold separately.

DVD Includes Video for: (Music sold separately)

  • I Know I Can Do It (TA1248) by Becca Retter is a preschool song and dance for your 3-5-year-old students. Kids love to show what they can do. Let them prove it to you! Use this piece as a tap or jazz dance. YOU CAN DO IT! Time - 2:11
  • Tippy Toe Mouse (TA1249) by Becca Retter preschool song & dance for your 3-5-year-old students. A cute little mouse that wants a chance to dance. Look out for the cat! SUPER CUTE! Use this as a tap or ballet dance. Time - 2:10
  • Hello (TA1250) by Becca Retter is a preschool song and dance for your 3-5-year-old students. This a fun song & dance that your little dancers will love. What a great piece to start your dance season! HI THERE! Time - 2:22
  • The Big Parade (TA1251) by Becca Retter is a grade one song and dance for your 4-7-year-old dancers. Join the fun with the band! Horses, baton twirlers, and even clowns too! STEP IN TIME! Time - 2:47
  • I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing Medley (TA1252) by Becca Retter is a grade one song and dance for your 6-9-year-old dancers. You can use this as a tap or jazz dance. This medley includes the song "Joy To The World." This is an upbeat dance and makes everybody happy. Your dancers will love to spread the word with these favorites! In the audience…nothing but smiles! TO YOU AND ME! Time 2:35
  • Swinging On A Star (TA1253) by Becca Retter is a Grade 2 tap for your 8-10-year-old dancers. You're going to love the remake of this classic song of positivity! Believe in yourself! Time - 2:38
  • Dance With Me Santa (TA1254) by Becca Retter is a grade 2 tap dance perfect for your 7-10-year-old tappers. This is the ideal holiday song for that special time of year. Rock your Christmas out! This upbeat swing-style song will complete any holiday show! HO HO HO! Vocals by Nickelodeon and Disney star and recording artist Ashley Argota. Time – 2:42
  • Rock It Don't Stop It (TA1255) by Becca Retter is a grade 3 tap dance for your 9-11-year-old tappers. A song about how dancing is just so contagious! We LOVE to dance! SHAKE IT, DON'T BREAK IT! Time - 2:42
  • America, the Beautiful (TA1256) by Becca Retter is a fun tap production that all ages will love. This production number includes choreography for three separate groups of dancers (Grade 2, Grade 3-4, and Grade 5-6). This will be a grand opening or finale number for your show! Show your patriotism with this beautiful anthem. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Time - 3:38
  • Tea Party Ballet (TA1257) by Becca Retter is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. Perfect for your 3-5-year-old ballet students. All little girls love tea parties! Dress in your best and use your manners in this charming ballet dance. SO SWEET! Time - 2:30
  • Big Top Ballet (TA1258) by Becca Retter is a Junior Ballet routine for your 5-7-year-old dancers. Join the circus in this great instrumental ballet dance. Walk the tightrope, swing on a trapeze, or even be a silly clown. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! Time - 2:45
  • Party Train (TA1259) by Becca Retter is a Pre-Jazz routine your 5-7-year-old dances will enjoy. It's a party train! Climb aboard for a dance full of fun! CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA WOO WOO! Time - 2:50
  • PDF files of choreography for each dance – Insert into rom drive to view or print

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