Dance Advantage, Vol. 6 Download

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 6 Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Dance Advantage, Vol 6 by Becca Retter offers the video of 14 dance routines ranging from pre-song & dance for your 2-year-olds up to low intermediate, which’s just suitable for your 9-year-old dancers.

Music Sold Separately

Dances on this video: (Music Sold Separately)

  • Pre-Song and Dance: “Giggles and Wiggles,” “The Counting Song,” “My Best”
  • Grade One Tap: “I’ve Got Talent,” “I Feel Good,” “Happy Feet.”
  • Grade Two Tap: “Kids Undercover”
  • Grade 3 Tap: “I’m Walking On Sunshine,” “Jump, Dance, Swing”
  • Grade 4 Tap: “Lean On Me”
  • Pre-Ballet Song & Dance: “In My Ballet Shoes”
  • Jr Ballet: “Moonbeam Ballet”
  • Pre-Jazz: “Freeze Frame”
  • Jr Jazz: “Star Power”

Download Includes:

  • Break Down, and Performance of choreography included for most routines
  • iTunes version of dance routine breakdowns on DVD – drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
  • Choreography notes included as pdf files
  • Cover Art

*Music Sold Separately TA1234-TA1247

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