Dance Advantage, Vol. 10

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 10

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Dance Advantage, Vol. 10 by Becca Retter offers an astounding 12 dances for your pre level to grade 3 level dances. Becca has created some of the most useful age appropriate movement for your young dancers. Enjoy!

Routines on this video: (Music Sold Separately)

    • Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes – Pre-school Song & Dance for you 3-4 year olds
    • Little Dancin’ Doll – Pre-School Song & Dance for your 3-4 year olds
    • Leave It To Me – Pre-School Song & Dance for you 3-4 year olds
    • Here We Are – Grade 1 Song & Tap for you 5-6 year olds
    • I Don’t Want To Sleep – Grade 1 Song & Tap for your 5-6 year olds
    • The Dancing Show – Grade 2 Tap for you 7-9 year olds
    • Celebration – Grade 2 Tap for your 7-9 year olds
    • Isn’t It Time To Have A Great Day – Grade 3 Tap for your 9-11 year olds
    • Beautiful Day Ballet - Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your 4-6 year olds
    • Heaven Sent – Pre-Ballet Song & Dance for your 4-6 year old
    • Seasons – Junior Ballet Routine for your 7-10 year olds
    • Ready, Set, Go – Pre-Jazz Routine for your 4-6 year olds
    • Choreography notes as pdf files. Insert disc into computer rom drive to read or print.


    • Break Down and Performance of choreography included for most routines
    • iTunes version of routine break-downs on DVD – drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
    • Choreography notes included on disc as pdf files – simply insert disc into your rom-drive to view or print


*Music Sold Separately TA1284-TA1295

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