Dance Advantage – Toy Time

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Dance Advantage – Toy Time

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Toy Time by Becca Retter offers three fun playtime-themed songs and dances that your students can relate to. Choreography offered in this collection is for your 3-10-year-old dancers.

This is a Data Disc and will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert the disc into computer ROM drive to access files.

Music and dances offered in this collection:

  • Teddy Bear Hop by Becca Retter is a sweet, innocent, fun dance for your youngest performers. With the comfort of their own *teddy bears, your 3-5-year-olds will steal the show with this song and dance! Time – 3:01
  • Diva Dolls by Becca Retter begins with ballet then surprises your audience when going into hip-hop. The story is in the lyrics! With a fun and “sassy” theme, this song and dance offer a fun surprise! Time – 2:58
  • Playtime Ballet by Becca Retter is a fully orchestrated piece of music for your 7-10-year-old ballet dancers. Becca offers plenty of staging ideas to really make this story come through. This is a production-style piece of choreography for your young ballet dancers. A ballet at the playground - Yea! Time – 3:29

Data Disc includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Video files of dances offering step-by-step breakdown and performance
  • 13 music files (3-5 tracks per song title)
  • Choreography Notes as pdf file

Routines sold separately as downloads: TA1349DL, TA1350DL, TA1351DL

*Props not included

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