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Dance Advantage - Showtime Spectacular Download

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Showtime Express from Becca Retter includes 3 routines for your 3-10 year old dancers. Each song and dance in this collection has a “showy, Broadway” style. Music Included with this DVD/CD Bundle.

Showtime Spectacular is a collection of “Show-biz” dances that is sure to make your young dancers feel like they’re on a Broadway Stage! Creative, Exciting, and Imaginative songs and dances make this a must for your dance studio!

Bonus! Curtain Call Costumes has partnered with MusicWorks to provide unique costumes for all Showtime Spectacular dances to complement your performance. Enjoy the "full package" and watch your dancer’s Shine!

Dances offered in this collection:

  • Clap For Me is a pre-level Broadway style show-time song and dance perfect for your 3-5 year old dancers. This is a sweet, young, and fun song and dance about being up on stage to perform for an audience. Your youngest dancers will be so proud performing this song and dance. Vocals by Piper Clurman. Time – 2:40.
  • Headliner by Becca Retter is a grade 1 Tap dance sure to impress your audience. This is the perfect show biz, on-Broadway song and dance for your 5-7 year old dancers. Your students will feel like they’re performing on a Broadway stage with this song and dance. Vocals by Broadway star, Violet Young. Time - 2:28.
  • Showtime Express is a Jr. Jazz dance with an updated and current Broadway sound. This choreography is perfect for your 7-9 year old jazz dancers. This song offers a “New Broadway” sound that all of your young dancers will love! “Jump on the Showtime Express with me". Vocals – Gina Badone Time – 2:56

Download Includes (Use iTunes to play files)

  • Video file performance of “Clap For Me”
  • Video file performance “Headliner”
  • Video file Breakdown and Performance of “Showtime Express”
  • On CD: 6 tracks of music - Instructional and Performance tracks with end tag of each song
  • Choreography notes

Songs with Choreography Notes sold separately as Downloads: TA1340DL, 1341DL, 1342DL

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