Correcting Common Technical Ballet Errors Download

Janice Barringer

Correcting Common Technical Ballet Errors Download

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Correcting Common Technical Ballet Errors by Janice Barringer is a true dance teacher’s resource. In her many years of teaching ballet, Janice Barringer has observed that most students make the same mistakes, no matter where they live or how old they are. It became clear to her that the human body resists many ballet positions and movements. Janice analyzes why this happens and what we can do to correct these “common errors.”

Janice focuses on problems with Alignment, Turnout, Use of the Feet, and Port de Bras. As an example, she explains how the pull of gravity is the reason for some alignment and port de bras mistakes. A typical but serious problem that is addressed is a swayed back. After discussing these and other specific issues, she presents exercises that help students overcome these common technical errors. Video length: 1 hour 48 Minutes

To all teachers of dance, this class should be in your library. 

Down Includes: (all media are iTunes Files (m4a, aac, m4v)

  • Video of 15 ballet exercises, taught by Janice Barringer and then performed with music by Maliha Bland
  • Music that is designed to accompany each exercise
  • Technique notation

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