Contemporary Technique, Vol. 1

Gina Badone Productions

Contemporary Technique, Vol. 1

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This sought after contemporary technique is filled w/ 30 across the floor progressions aimed toward dancers from low intermediate all the way to advanced levels! It also includes a full intermediate-advanced warm-up set to a powerful original music mix that is sure to get your dancer’s mind, body, and soul invigorated! This product is sure to challenge, improve, and inspire your dancers on their contemporary journey!

  • 10 across the floor combos
  • Each across the floor combo has 3 progressions (low int, Int, Adv) - That’s 30 passes!
  • Break down and Performance of an intermediate level contemporary warm up
  • CD of 6 contemporary instrumental songs included
  • iTunes versions of video break downs (.m4v) Drag into your iTunes library, and now you’ve got them on your iPod!
  • iTunes versions of music on the CD (.m4a) Drag files into your iTunes library
  • Notes included on the disc – simply place in your computer Rom-Drive to view or print

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