Competitive Team Foundation

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Competitive Team Foundation

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Competitive Team Foundation by Linda Bernabie Retter offers a one-hour video class taught live at Dance Teacher Connection and 26 forms that you can use to inspire your dance team packet.

If you’re thinking about creating a dance team at your dance studio or have one and want to strengthen the foundation, this is the information you need. And it’s the most comprehensive information you’ll find anywhere! Linda Bernabei Retter offers over 25 years of experience developing this Competitive Team Foundation Packet. Learn from one of the most accomplished leaders in the dance studio industry!

What you get:

  • Video of class taught live at Dance Teacher Connection by Linda Bernabei Retter. Feel free to stream or download the 1-hour course.
  • 26 forms used as the structure of Linda Bernabei Retter’s dance team, Rhythm Machine

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