Cinderella Music for Ballet Download

Janice Barringer

Cinderella Music for Ballet Download

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Cinderella Music for Ballet offers 5 tracks of beautiful music. Janice Barringer has choreographed two pieces for your ballet students; the choreography set to “Cinderella Waltz” is a wonderful intermediate ballet production that includes 3 sets of duets and a Corps de Ballet. “Sprites” is a fast and challenging advanced ballet dance to challenge your best dancers.

Download includes:

  • Five tracks of music for ballet performance
  • Bonus Choreography notes by Janice Barringer, “Cinderella Waltz” and “Sprites”
  • PDF files of Choreography notes
  • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library]

*Video of choreography by Janice Barringer available on JBDVD8023, Ballet Dances by Janice Barringer, 2015

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