Born to Dance (Preschool Song & Tap Dance)

Lisa Ann Colombo

Born to Dance (Preschool Song & Tap Dance)

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Born to Dance (Preschool Song & Tap Dance) by Lisa Ann Columbo is a sweet song about the love of dance. This routine includes Simple Cakewalk Kicks, Boogie Woogie, Shuffle Steps, Point Together, and Rocking Heels.

This is a Music, Video, and Notes Bundle. Please download it to a computer, not a mobile device. Most media players can play audio and video files on Windows and Mac computers.


Download Includes: 

  • Instructional, Instrumental, and Performance audio tracks as m4a files
  • Video file of the instructional breakdown as mp4 file
  • Choreography notes as pdf file


    This song and dance is the perfect stand-alone routine or can be used with the Born to Dance Medley.

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