Bloody Mary (Jazz-Funk Combo)

Cole Neville

Bloody Mary (Jazz-Funk Combo)

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Bloody Mary by Cole Neville is the perfect combination to get your Intermediate (10+) Jazz-Funk dancers in the Halloween spirit. This slow, dramatic, and eerie choreography will challenge your dancers to find tension and specificity in their movement, calling for a dark, spooky (but age-appropriate) performance quality. To protect copyright, music is not on the video.


Video Info:

  • Combo Length – 8 counts of 8 (16 measures)
  • Combo Time - 41 seconds
  • Video Length – 8:51
  • Video Format – .m4v file
  • File Size – 105.1 MB
  • Music Artist – Lady Gaga
  • Click here for the song



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