Best Of Al Gilbert, Vol. 5 Download


Best Of Al Gilbert, Vol. 5 Download

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Best of Al Gilbert, Vol 5 is a compilation CD Set that includes 8 of Al's favorite Grade 5 and up dances. Each song includes 2 tracks: Vocal Instructions by Al Gilbert and Performance Track. Some offer bonus fast tracks. Perfect for in-class or performance routines!

This volume offers 8 instrumental dances perfect for your Advanced Tap Dancers. These are music-only tracks that have no lyrics. Perfect for your 14-year-olds and up.

Dances included:

  • Rhythm Buck (TA 63) Grade 5 Tap (Low Adv Level) A great deal of footwork and also a lot of "Flash". Great for solo, duet or any advanced class. Time 2:16
  • Bouncy Buck (TA 214) Grade 5 & Up (Solid Advanced Level) This is a fast-instrumental Advanced Buck Routine that will challenge your accomplished tappers. Time - 2:30
  • Saints Go Marchin’ In (TA 219) Grade 5 & Up (Solid Advanced Level) This is a fun challenging advanced tap dance. Music has great variations in rhythm and styles. Time 2:22
  • Flying Feet (TA 285) Grade 6 (Advanced Level) A perfect Grade 6 dance that uses many of the technique steps from Grade 6 (CDNT6). Flashy & difficult. Time 2:33
  • Fast Feet Tap (TA 740) – Grade 6 and up (Advanced Level) This is a difficult, fast tap routine with lots of difficult footwork, turns, wings & toe stands. Time 2:17
  • Totally Time for Stop Time (The Sheik of Araby) (TA 1076) Grade 6 and up. This is an Advanced Tap dance. Time 2:57. Each step has a different style of stop time. Difficult and fabulous. Time 3:17
  • Sizzling Taps (TA 959) – Grade 6-7 (Advanced Level) This dance offers a unique style of tap to honor Gregory Hines. Actor, Humanitarian, and most of all, Tapper, Gregory Hines inspired many tappers to keep working on the craft. This is definitely a challenging piece and your audience will be appropriately impressed. Time 3:17
  • William Tell Overture by(TA 1078) Grade 6 and up (Advanced Level) This is an Advanced Tap Dance. This routine will make your dancers shine in their great tap skills. Great for your 12-14-year-old dancers. Time 1:52 

2-Disc Enhanced CD Set

  • Disc One – Vocal Instructions by Al Gilbert
  • Disc Two – Performance Tracks (bonus fast tracks for some)
  • Bonus - PDF files of notes, simply insert into your CD-ROM to view or print
  • Bonus - iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library

*Training aids are also available for separate purchase

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