Best of Al Gilbert, Vol. 3 Download

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Best of Al Gilbert, Vol. 3 Download

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Best of Al Gilbert, Vol 3 includes eight instrumental dances perfect for your grades 1 and 2 tap dancers. These are music-only tracks that have no lyrics. Perfect for your 7-10-year-old dancers and beginning adult students.

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  1. Tap-A-One (TA0121 ) is a Grade 1 instrumental tap dance for your 6-7-year-old tap students. This is a fun and easy tap dance that your students will love. You can stop at the 1st chorus or continue through the second chorus. Time - 1:43. (  Beginner Level)
  2. Advanced Tap-A-One (TA0185 ) is an advanced Grade 1 Tap dance for your students ready to graduate to the grade 2 tap level. Set to an instrumental track. This tap dance will challenge your 6-8-year-old tappers. Music is written precisely exactly with each step. Time - 1:53. (Beginner Level)
  3. Second Tap-A-One (TA0272) is a Grade 1 Tap dance set to an instrumental track. Your 6-8-year-old tappers will love this one! Time - 1:39 (  Beginner Level)
  4. Advanced Spectacular Tap-A-One (TA0701) is a solid grade 1 tap dance for your 6-9-year-old students. This instrumental song offers nice changes in music and is perfect for your young dancers that prefer not to sing. Time - 2:10   (  Beginner Level)
  5.  Easy Two Tap (TA0435) is a simple routine perfect for your 7-9-year-old dancers. This not-too-difficult tap dance is set to an instrumental track and is fun to learn! Time - 2:08 (Beginner Level)
  6. Tap A Two (TA0122) is a solid Grade 2 Tap Routine. This routine has a strong beat that all ages will love. Great for your 6-8-year-old dancers. Time - 2:23 (Beginner Level)
  7. Beat Tap (TA 0235 ) is a grade 2 Tap, perfect for your 6-9-year-old tappers. This instrumental swing song isn't too difficult and will give your dancers a great feeling of accomplishment. Time 1:40 (Beginner Level) 
  8. Boogie Tap Time (  TA0597) is a Grade 2 Tap dance for your 7-10-year-old tappers. This is a fun and funky Boogie-Style tap dance that isn't too difficult but lots of fun! Time - 2:30   (Beginner Level) 


      Download includes (each song is an iTunes file, drag and drop into your iTunes library)

      • Vocal Instruction by Al Gilbert for each piece as
      • Performance Tracks with an end tag for each song
      • PDF files of notes

      *Training aids are also available for separate purchase

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