Beginning Jazz Technique Download


Beginning Jazz Technique Download

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This is the download version of the DVD/CD bundle. Please download to computer, not mobile device.

Beginning Jazz Technique by Darryl Retter was created for your for 7-10 year old dancers. This is the perfect way to begin the jazz program at your dance studio.

Darryl Retter has created a most valuable tool for the dance teacher with young jazz enthusiasts. A complete jazz class designed for the level 1 dancer, specifically aimed to train the 7-10 year old student. Broken into three separate sections, Beginner Jazz Technique encompasses a most comprehensive class, from basic warm up to movement that can be incorporated into actual choreography.

  • Section One: Technique – Warm up, Plie & Passe, Floor Exercise. Darryl breaks down each exercise and explains its purpose. With front and side views, you can more thoroughly understand the technique.
  • Section Two: Center Floor – With over 25 exercises, Darryl creates progressions as stepping-stones to take your dancers from the basics to the more challenging movement.
  • Section Three: Across The Floor – This section deals with Chasse, Grapevine, Chaine Turn, Pivot Turn, Soutenu Turn and more. As in Center Floor, Across The Floor is presented as progressions.

Download Includes:

    • Video in-studio performances of all exercises as iTunes files (m4v). Simply drag and drop into your iTunes library
    • Class-Ready songs in iTunes format (m4a, aac). Simply drag and drop into your iTunes library
    • Choreography Notes
    • Cover Art

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