Beginner Pointe Classes, 4th Edition

Janice Barringer

Beginner Pointe Classes, 4th Edition

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Beginner Pointe Classes as notated in The Pointe Book, 4th Edition by Janice Barringer, author of The Pointe Book, 4th Edition, includes beginner exercises from the chapter, “Sample Pointe Classes” which she feels are invaluable in getting pointe students off to a good start. These excerpts were taught at The Eglevsky Ballet School and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theater and notated by Ms. Barringer.

After first discussing the features of pointe shoes, then showing how to choose the proper shoe for the beginner student, she then discusses various types of ribbons, elastics, and cushioning which makes dancing en pointe a little more comfortable. The exercises are demonstrated by Devon Teuscher, a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre.

Data Disc Includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play media files)

  • Video breakdown of 12 exercises by Janice Barringer, then performed by professional ballet dancer Devon Teuscher
  • Music for all exercise
  • Technique Notes as pdf file

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