Beginner & Lower Int Pointe Classes Download

Janice Barringer

Beginner & Lower Int Pointe Classes Download

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Beginner & Lower Intermediate Pointe Class, as notated in "The Pointe Book," co-authored by Janice Barringer, offers a refreshing and relevant pointe class for your pointe students. Exercises provided in this video are taken directly from the pages of The Pointe Book. Janice explains each exercise, and then a talented teen ballet dancer demonstrates. Video Length - 1 Hour

This video includes sample exercises from the School of American Ballet (SAB) in NYC, Houston Ballet School, and The Ruth Page Center for the Arts in Chicago.


This Video/Music/Notation Bundle Includes: Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

  • Video of explanation and demonstration of 11 Pointe Exercises
  • Music for each exercise -  Pianist: John Gavalchin
  • Technique Notation

Bonus - Before the class begins, Janice Barringer discusses:

  • The Features of Pointe Shoes
  • How To Fit Pointe Shoes
  • Breaking in Pointe Shoes
  • Sewing the Ribbon on Pointe Shoes
  • Making Pointe Shoes Last Longer
  • Tips for Preventing Pain
  • Tips for Teaching Beginner Pointe

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