Beach Getaway


Beach Getaway

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Beach Getaway is a collection of 6 recital-ready pieces to take you straight to the beach. The audience will feel like they’re on vacation, and you will, too, with the choreography and music ready for you!

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Summer Fun by Darryl Retter is an Intermediate Jazz dance. Perfect for your 9-11-year-old dancers. Time – 2:34
  • Jamaican Me Happy by Thommie Retter is a Beginner Grade 3 Tap. Time – 2:32
  • Beautiful Day Ballet by Becca Retter is a Pre-Ballet Song & Dance. Time – 2:27
  • Montego Bay by Darryl Retter is an Intermediate Tap. This dance is perfect for your 11-13-year-old tap dancers. Time – 2:45
  • California Bathing Beauties by Al Gilbert is a Grade 2 Tap with *a towel prop. Time – 1:52
  • Sunshine Dancing Kids by Al Gilbert & Becca Retter is a Grade 1 Song & Tap. Time – 2:08

Enhanced CDs Includes:

  • All songs as iTunes Files. Drag and drop into your iTunes Library
  • PDF Files of Choreography Notes. Insert the disc into your computer ROM drive to view and print

*Also Available as individual Training Aids (RETCD013, TRTCD113, TA1292, RET002, TA1012, TA1192)

*Props Are Not Included.

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