Ballet Music by Shostakovich, Vol. 1

Janice Barringer

Ballet Music by Shostakovich, Vol. 1

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Ballet Music by Shostakovich Vol. 1 by Janice Barringer includes some of her favorite music by Russian composer and pianist Dmitri Shostakovich. Shostakovich was one of the most celebrated composers of the 20th century. Inspired by Bach’s fugues, Beethoven’s passacaglias and Mahler’s quartets, his music is alive and well in current times. His Opus 96 was used as the 1980 Summer Olympic Theme Music. And his opus 76a was used as the cauldron was lit at the 2004 Summer Olympics. You and your students will enjoy these fully orchestrated pieces of music perfect for ballet dances at your studio.

Enhanced CD Include:

  • 6 Tracks of Beautiful Ballet Music for Performance
  • Choreography Notes for three dances created by Janice Barringer 
    • Polka is a grade 2 ballet dance that’s just right for your 8-9 year old dancers
    • Lyric Waltz is a grade 3 ballet dance perfect for your 10-12 year old dancers
    • Pizzicato Pointe is a pointe dance that was created for your intermediate-advanced dancers
  • PDF file of choreography notes, insert disc into your computer rom drive to view or print
  • iTunes file of music, drag and drop into your iTunes Library

*Video of dances available on the DVD, 3 Dances to Shostakovich, by Janice Barringer (JBDVD-8016)

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