Janice Barringer Ballet Dances, Vol. 4

Janice Barringer

Janice Barringer Ballet Dances, Vol. 4

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Janice Barringer Ballet Dances, Vol. 4 by Janice Barringer offers choreography for your Intermediate and Advanced ballet students and a four-exercise center floor "demonstration" for in-class presentation. This is a video–music–notation bundle. Video Play time – 1 hour, 19 minutes.


Creative Pieces include:

Cinderella Waltz is an Intermediate Ballet Dance. The music for this lovely group dance is from the full-length Prokofiev ballet "Cinderella." It is from the ball scene before Cinderella arrives. This specific choreography uses three pas de deux couples and 15 corps de ballet girls, but it could be easily adjusted for more or fewer dancers. The partnering is very basic. Steps such as pas de valse (waltz turn), tombé pas de bourrée, chaine turns, and pirouette en dehors are included, as well as various beautiful port de bras and arabesque positions.

Sprites is an Advanced Ballet Dance. Stravinsky composed this perky and swift music. It has been choreographed for three accomplished dancers, but six or nine would also work. It is a nontraditional classical ballet movement for well-trained ballet dancers. Included in the choreography are double pirouette en dehors, double pirouette en dedans, renversé, ballotté, fouetté, saut de basque, and grand pirouette en arabesque en dedans.

Intermediate Ballet Demonstration - In the tradition of professional ballet schools, demonstrating classroom steps in a more choreographically interesting arrangement is a typical method of displaying what a ballet class has learned over the year. The costume is usually a leotard, a skirt, and a flower in the hair. It always starts with barre exercises and then moves to the center. This Intermediate Ballet Demonstration is divided into four parts: two sections are at the "Barre," and two are in the "Center." The music is four charming selections from Disney movies.



  • Video Instructional breakdown and performance of Cinderella Waltz, Sprites, and Intermediate Ballet Demonstration
  • Music for Cinderella Waltz, Sprites, and 5 tracks for the Intermediate Ballet Demonstration
  • Choreography notation for Cinderella Waltz, Sprites, and Intermediate Ballet Demonstration

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