Ballet Conditioning Class

Janice Barringer

Ballet Conditioning Class

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Ballet Conditioning Class by Janice Barringer is for your int-adv ballet students. While a thorough ballet class, especially the barre exercises, strengthens, stretches, trains and conditions the body for all types of movement, recent contemporary/ballet choreography has pushed the body further than was required. Because of this new demand for stronger and more flexible bodies, most prominent ballet companies and schools have added “Conditioning Classes” into their schedules. 

Janice Barringer has culled some of the most effective and popular exercises from New York schools and companies (she's even included some yoga) and put them into her “Conditioning Class for Ballet.” The class consists of the neck, head, upper spine, feet, ankles, and back exercises. Naturally, there is a big focus on strengthening the core muscles. After perfecting these exercises, students should find taking traditional ballet classes much more rewarding and exciting because the body will quickly accept the difficult turned-out positions and the challenging steps.  

Video playtime: 57:17

Data Disc Includes: (all media are iTunes Files (m4a, aac, m4v) 

  • Video of 19 ballet exercises, taught by Janice Barringer and then performed with music by Sakura Natorigawa
  • Music designed to accompany each exercise
  • Technique notation

 Data disc will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert Disc into computer optical drive (ROM-drive) to access files.

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