Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 9 Bundle

Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 9 Bundle

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 9 Bundle includes music and video on 3-disc CD set and DVD. This is Al Gilbert’s original Grade 9 Tap Technique. Grade 9 is the highest level in the Al Gilbert Technique and offers 11 challenging exercises. Each exercise is created as a long, progressive conditioning work out. These Close-To-The-Floor combinations improve the speed of your tapper’s feet. Those working on this level can be considered solid professional tap dancers. Mr. Gilbert presents intelligently laid out work to challenge tap dancers that have “fast feet”.

Bundle Includes:

  • CD Disc 1 – Vocal Instruction by AL Gilbert
  • CD Disc 2 – Instrumental Tracks
  • CD Disc 3 – Data Companion includes pdf file of notes and iTunes-ready audio tracks
  • DVD Disc includes all exercises performed with music


Audio Previews

Video Previews

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