Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 3 Bundle


Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 3 Bundle

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Al Gilbert Tap Technique, Grade 3 Bundle includes music and video on 3-disc CD set and DVD. This is the expanded and updated Al Gilbert Grade 3 Tap Technique set to contemporary music. Level 3 builds on the foundation learned from Level 2. All of the familiar steps from the original Grade 3 are here, plus many more. There are OVER 65 Exercisesplus a 2-chorus buck style routine in this level, designed to help your tappers strengthen their coordination and control. This level emphases the concept of “staying up on your toes” to really strengthen the calf muscles. Level 3 is intended for your 9-11-year-old students and perfect for your adult tappers. 

Bundle Includes:

  • CD Disc 1 – Vocal Instruction by AL Gilbert
  • CD Disc 2 – Instrumental Tracks
  • CD Disc 3 – Data Companion includes pdf file of notes and iTunes-ready audio tracks
  • DVD Disc includes all exercises performed with music


Audio Previews

Video Previews 

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