Al Gilbert Tap Dictionary

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Al Gilbert Tap Dictionary

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The Al Gilbert Tap Dictionary, authored by Al Gilbert and published by MusicWorks, is an unparalleled resource for tap dancers, teachers, and choreographers.

It is an encyclopedia of tap terminology and related information and is considered the most complete and comprehensive tap dictionary available. With over fifty years of dance knowledge, this dictionary is the "Alphabet of Tap Dancing" and will be your best asset in teaching. It includes cross-referencing, common abbreviations, general information about tap classes, styles of music, tap routines, music, show-business terms, famous tap dancers and performers, and guidance on how to read and write dance notes and the structure of a basic dance. The Al Gilbert Tap Dictionary has a page count of 134, making it an essential addition to any tap dancer's library.



  • Cross Referencing
  • Common Abbreviations
  • General Information About Tap Classes
  • Styles of Music
  • Tap Routines
  • Music and Show-Business Terms
  • Famous Tap Dancers and Performers
  • How to Read and Write Dance Notes

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