Ballet Dances For Children

Al Gilbert

Ballet Dances For Children

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Ballet Dances For Children by Al Gilbert offer 20 ballet dances with performance-ready music. This collection contains dances for your pre-level, Primary, and Grade 1 ballet students (4-9 years old). Choreography Notes Included

Songs and dances included in this compilation:

  • Ballet Belles - Grade 1 Ballet, Time 2:12. Lovely, basic Grade 1 ballet dance. (TA 91)
  • Ballet Waltz - Primary Ballet, Time 1:41. Many of these steps are taken right out of the Dorothy Vose Primary Ballet Technique. (TA 95)
  • Little Stars - Primary Ballet, Time 1:43. Sweet little ballet that your beginners can perform. (TA 160)
  • Evening Waltz - Primary Ballet, Time 2:18. A lovely dance for your Primary Dancers that can be easily learned. (TA 423)
  • Dainty Ballerina - Pre-Ballet, Time 1:25. Such an excellent dance for your dainty little dancers that will look so cute on stage! (TA 424)
  • Flower Girls Ballet Waltz - Primary Ballet, Time 1:43. Sweet & Simple Waltz! (TA 589)
  • Rainbow Fairies - Grade 1 Ballet, Time 1:47. It Can be done as a duet or group dance. Easy to learn. (TA 593)
  • Ballet Birds - Pre-Ballet, Time 1:37. Your little ballet dancers will look so cute fluttering their wings! (TA 594)
  • Pre-Ballet Waltz - Pre-Ballet, Time 1:30. A simple ballet dance for your pre-ballet students to perform in a recital. (TA 650)
  • Woodland Elves - Primary Ballet, Time 1:18. A simple routine for your little ones. (TA 62)
  • Ballet Sprites - Grade 1 Ballet, Time 1:20. This is a spritely ballet dance. Most of the technique is taken directly from the Grade 1 ballet technique. (TA 218)
  • Waltz Premiere - Grade 1, Time 1:26. A Grade 1 Ballet that's sure to be a hit in any recital! (TA 264)
  • Merry Merry Polka - Grade 1 Ballet Polka, Time 1:29. Your little ones will love this dance! (TA 265)
  • Little Ballet Pearls - Pre-Ballet, Time 1:12. This can be a lovely "First Ballet Dance" for your young beginner ballet students. (TA 441)
  • Chimes of Spring - Primary & Grade 1 Ballet Production, Time 3:00. This lovely ballet production is not very difficult. (TA 462)
  • Mozart Minuet - Primary ballet dance by Karen Hebert, Time:47 (TA677)
  • Chopin Mazurka - Grade 1 ballet dance by Karen Hebert, Time:47 (TA677)
  • Cakewalk - Grade 1 ballet dance by Karen Hebert, Time 1:03 (TA677)
  • Playtime Polka - Primary & Grade 1 Ballet Polka, Time 2:32. Bouncy, Dancy, Playful. Lots of ballet fun! (TA 713)
  • March Militaire - Low intermediate solo that includes single pirouettes and pique turns

*Available also as individual Training Aids. Written instructions included

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