Al Gilbert Pre-Primary Jazz Technique Download

Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert Pre-Primary Jazz Technique Download

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Al Gilbert has created the perfect jazz class for the Pre-School student. Mr. Gilbert offers a safe and fun warm-up, center floor exercises, and across-the-floor movement, focusing on balance, coordination, motor skills, and weight shifting.

This class concentrates on the basics in a way that is both safe and fun for young dancers. Your 4-6-year-old students can learn proper placement and strength while understanding terminology.

This class begins with a sitting on the floor exercise that teaches the "butterfly" stretch, flex and pointing of the feet, understanding the jazz passé position while sitting, side stretch, and the beginning of understanding front and side splits.

The standing technique offers simple plié, both parallel and turned out, relevé, head isolations, lunges, ribcage stretch, flat back, and the simplest form of preparation for turns.

Moving across the floor, you'll find jazz walks, front chassé, side together, side cross front, walking grapevine, gallops, and more.

Three-Disc Collection Includes:

  • Disc 1 offers 28 tracks of technique with vocal instruction by Al Gilbert
  • Disc 2 offers 28 instrumental tracks
  • Disc 3 offers technique notes and iTunes audio files. Insert the disc into your Computer Rom-drive to view or print notes. Drag and Drop iTunes files into your iTunes Library

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