Memories from my Childhood, Vol. 2

Janice Barringer

Memories from my Childhood, Vol. 2

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Memories from my Childhood, Vol. 2 by Janice Barringer is a Cecchetti Grade 2 Children’s Ballet Class for your 8–10-year-old students. This authentic Cecchetti Ballet Class was inspired by a class taught by a former student of Margaret Craske. Enrico Cecchetti selected Ms. Craske to carry on with his teaching method. The use of the head and beautiful port de bras are emphasized. Valuable stretches before the barre prepare the students' bodies to be able to fit into ballet positions. Video Time: 51:40

This product is a Video + Music + Notation bundle.


  • CD containing 20 tracks of music
  • DVD of Instructional and performances of all ballet exercises.

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