25 Ballet Favorites Download


25 Ballet Favorites Download

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25 Ballet Favorites by Dorothy Vose is a perfect collection for every dance studio with ballet students. This collection offers music and choreography to challenge and inspire your ballet dancers from the primary to advanced levels. Theme-based ballets such as “Ballet Colors” and “Garden Ballet” are included.


This collection includes Ballet Songs and Dances:

  • Primary Level: Red-Orange, Dance of the Munchkins, Peasants Polka, Pretty Parasol Ballet
  • Primary Level-Grade 1: Rubies
  • Grade 1: Princess Waltz, Grade 1 Ballet (Fluers de Amoré), Children’s Waltz Ballet Production
  • Grade 1-2: Pantomime, Topaz, Pink Carnation, Pot of Gold, Echo Waltz, Penguin’s Dance
  • Grade 2: Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet
  • Grade 2-3: Garden Waltz
  • Grade 3: Blue Ballet
  • Grade 3-4: Ferns, Happy Time Tour de Force Variation, Indigo, Opals, Stars Waltz
  • Int-Adv: Classical Spectacular Variation
  • Intermediate Jazz-Ballet: Dance Upon a Dream


    • All songs are iTunes Files. Drag and drop into your iTunes Library
    • PDF Files of Choreography Notes.

    *Also Available as individual Training Aids (Singles)

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