Selections from Masquerade Suite and Don Quixote

Janice Barringer

Selections from Masquerade Suite and Don Quixote

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Janice Barringer offers five dynamic pieces of music from Masquerade Suite and one from Don Quixote, which are perfect for any level ballet dance. This lively music will add zip and excitement to any performance.


Janice Barringer shares her choreography with two performance-ready dances;

    • Masquerade Ball is a perky and exciting grade dance for your grade 1 students. They will love the challenge of learning to move quickly enough to stay with the music. Time, 1:35
    • Masquerade Suite is a combination of a Grade 2 group dance with two Grade 3 or 4 pointe soloists. The Grade 2 girls dance first; then make a formation on stage as the two demi-soloists enter. Near the end the Grade 2 girls join the soloists for the final pose. Time, 3:06
    • Choreography notes included on disc as PDF file. Simply insert into your computer Rom-Drive to view or print notes.

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