How do I download from MusicWorks?

When you place a download order with MusicWorks you receive two emails

  1. Confirmation of order
  2. Download link

If you don’t see the email that includes the download link, please check your junk mail.

Here is more information on how to download your products from MusicWorks:

  • Unless specified in the product description, all media files from MusicWorks will download as a zip file. Zip files compress all the elements of the product (audio, video, notes, where applicable). This way, you only have one download per product instead of multiple.
  • Download to a computer – unless you know specifically how to access and un-compress zip files from your mobile device.
  • Like all downloads from the internet, your MusicWorks downloads will end up in the downloads folder on your computer. (unless you redirected all downloads to a different location)
  • Once you locate your download: Mac - double click the zip file to un- compress, PC - right click and select “Extract.”
  • This will create a folder with the same name as the downloaded zip file. Your files are in this folder. Double-click the folder to open (or right-click and select “open”)
  • All media files from MusicWorks are iTunes files (Audio – m4a, video m4v.) In nearly every case, you can drag these files directly into your iTunes/Music library. It’s best to create a “MusicWorks” playlist for all your MusicWorks products so it’s easier to organize and find later. There are different methods of dragging and dropping into the iTunes/Music based on Mac vs. PC, versions of the operating systems, and versions of iTunes/ Music.
  • You have lifetime access once you purchase a downloadable product from MusicWorks. If you “run out of downloads,” contact us at Let us know the order number. We’ll verify your purchase and refresh your download link.
  • Now that your new MusicWorks music and/or video is in your iTunes library, you can sync your mobile device with your iTunes library.