MusicWorks customers tend to be highly engaged and open purchasers who are looking for the next thing and ways to improve their businesses.  Our Partner program is designed to include sponsors in our weekly campaigns through email and social media.  As a Partner we offer you a number of posts where you are the primary placement (Hero) or secondary placement (Sub-Hero) for each campaign.

Each program offers a certain number of placements each year to broadcast and advertise your company and it's services.  

MusicWorks offers limited spaces for our annual marketing campaigns and Dance Teacher Connection Convention as a Preferred Partner.  Each program includes the following:

  • A custom page on the MusicWorks site describing your company and services
  • Ability to add items for sale or give away (PDFs, Video content, music content) and set at any price that you wish, MusicWorks will facilitate the automatic delivery
  • Reduced Dance Teacher Connection Scholarships that you can offer to studios at your events you wish to invite to our annual DTC Convention and only pay for those who attend!
  • Join us at Dance Teacher Connection as a Partner and engage directly with 
  • Participate in DTC Classes and Discussions with potential customers and your invitees.
  • Opportunity for company sponsored excursions (your choice) with invitees to meet and mingle in a more personal and one-on-one way outside of a long boring hours in a cold conference hallway.
  • Access to DTC Attendee Contact List.
  • Opportunity to add raffle items for prize give aways to members each month.

Each program includes the above items and these.

Gold Partner Program - $1,000

Primary Placements in 4 Email Campaigns
4 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Homepage 
4 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Social Media 
2 Giveaway Sponsorships ("Presented By...")

Platinum Partner Program - $2,000

Primary Placements in 6 Email Campaigns
6 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Homepage
6 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Social Media
4 Giveaway Sponsorships  ("Presented By...")

Premiere Partner Program - $4,000

12 Primary Placements
12 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Homepage
12 Graphic/Link Features on MusicWorks Social Media
6 Giveaway Sponsorships  ("Presented By...")

If you would like to only offer sponsored scholarships at your events or through your company you may sign up for free to our Partner Scholarship Program here

Scholarship Partner Program - Free