Brooke Paulsen (MW+)

Brooke Paulsen (MW+)

Brooke hails from Toledo, Ohio, where she learned how to dance from her masterful mother, Brenda Paulsen. She has worked with tap heavyweights such as Jason Samuel Smith, Chloe Arnold, Jason Janas, Gregg Russell, and Fayard Nicholas. She is one of the most respected female tappers in the country. She continues to travel the world, sharing her knowledge and love for dance.

She assisted Al Gilbert and Darryl Retter on Stepping Tones, now known as Music Works. Because of this experience, she has the ability to teach any age and any level. At the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles, California.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she was quickly recruited to be in Gregg Russell’s company, Tapsounds Underground. She trained under him for many years, along with Keith Clifton, Alex Magno, Helene Phillips, Jason Samuel Smith, and Heather Cornell. Many opportunities came her way, such as performing with Pink, Sisqo, Paulina Rubio, and T.A.T.U., featuring the Pussycat Dolls. She has performed in the MTV Movie Awards, The Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, which won an Emmy for choreography and industrials, including Adidas, Domino’s, IBM, and Google. She appeared on television shows like Sabrina: the Teenage Witch, The Nikki Cox Show, and The Young and the Restless. She was also one of the founding members of C.O.M.M.I.T. tap company under the direction of Jason Janas.

Brooke realized that she wanted to continue sharing her passion and knowledge of dance. She has taught for The Edge Performing Arts Center, Debbie Reynold’s Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle, and Retter’s Academy of Dance. She taught for Dance Masters, Music Works, New Talent Generation, Hollywood Dance Experience, and Dance Makers.

INC. She has also judged for Rainbow Dance Connection, VIP Dance Competition, Encore, and Showstoppers. She is in such high demand that she is asked to teach and choreograph worldwide. Her choreography is nationally award-winning.

Brooke continues to transition from dancer to upcoming choreographer. She works as an associate choreographer to Kevin and Marcel Wilson. Together, they choreographed industrials, commercials, music videos, and stage shows. Their work includes the Rio Hotel & Casino: The Show in the Sky, the Bellagio New Year’s Eve show, Beach Body, Jery Sandoval music video, and VIV Magazine commercial. They choreographed the “James Brown Tribute” starring Wayne Brady on “Dancing with the Stars and worked as the assistant choreographer for Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus. Brooke has also choreographed for Beach Body and worked with the world-renowned trainer Autumn Calabrese. She has recently worked as an associate choreographer for Latin Grammy’s and a New Year’s Eve event at Resorts World and Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. She was also honored to work for Disney as an associate choreographer at the historic El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles. Lastly, she has been working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as an install choreographer.

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