Contemporary, Vol. 3

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Contemporary, Vol. 3

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Contemporary, Vol. 3 by Gina Badone includes three complete performance-ready dances. This video offers the breakdown and performance of three full recital-ready routines set to new, original music. Give your dancers the challenge and fun they're looking for! This is a Music video/music bundle.

Dances on this video include:

  • Without Love -  Beginner/Low Intermediate Level (8-10 yr olds)
  • I'll Be There For You - Intermediate Level (11-13 yr olds)
  • Don't Run Away - Advanced Leve (14+ yr olds)


  • Performance music included at no additional price
  • iTunes version of routine breakdowns and performances on DVD – drag files into your iTunes library, and now you've got them on your iPod!
  • CD included offers the Performance Tracks of all three songs
  • iTunes versions of the music on the CD – Drag files into your iTunes library
  • Notes are included on both discs. Place the disc into your computer Rom drive to view or print.

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