Contemporary Technique, Vol. 1

Gina Badone Productions

Contemporary Technique, Vol. 1

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Contemporary Technique, Vol. 1 by Gina Badone includes 30 across-the-floor progressions for dancers from low intermediate to advanced levels! It also contains a complete intermediate-advanced warm-up set to an original music mix that invigorates your dancer's mind, body, and soul! This product will challenge, improve, and inspire your dancers on their contemporary journey!


DVD Includes:

  • Ten across-the-floor combos
  • Each across-the-floor combo has three progressions (low int, Int, Adv) - That's 30 passes!
  • Break down and Performance of an intermediate-level contemporary warm-up
  • CD of 6 contemporary instrumental songs included
  • iTunes versions of video breakdowns (.m4v) Drag into your iTunes library, and now you've got them on your iPod!
  • iTunes versions of the music on the CD (.m4a) Drag files into your iTunes library
  • Notes included on the disc – place in your computer Rom-Drive to view or print

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