Contemporary, Vol. 7

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Contemporary, Vol. 7

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Contemporary, Vol. 7 by Gina Badone offers 3 Contemporary dances for ages 7 year old and up dancers. Music, Video, and Choreography Notes are included in this bundle.

This is a Data Disc and will not play in DVD or CD player - Insert disc into computer ROM drive to access files.

Contemporary, Vol. 7 brings you three pieces of choreography that your contemporary dances will love. This collection of ballads ranges from sweet to aggressive, with choreography to match. Gina Badone brings her light and beautiful artistry to each piece.

Music and dances offered in this collection:

  • Not About Angels is a hauntingly beautiful song that premiered in the movie The Fault In Our Stars. Gina Badone has breathed life into this song with choreography that will highlight your beautiful young dancers. There won’t be a dry eye in the audience!
  • Lost & Found offers a beautiful contemporary ballad that your tweens will really connect with. This is a song about discovery – finding what’s been lost. Gina Badone creates a wonderful story with this contemporary dance.
  • Blind is a high-energy contemporary song and dance that your advanced teens will enjoy. The song is about a strong young lady taking control. Gina Badone brings you the style of dance your students want most!

Data Disc includes: (Use iTunes or Quicktime to play)

  • Videos files of dances, step-by-step breakdown and performance
  • 6 Audio files of music (each song includes a performance track and a bonus track)
  • Choreography notes as pdf file

Single Routines with music & choreography notes sold separately as downloads: GBCCD217ADL, GBCCD217BDL, GBCCD217CDL

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