Baby & Me, Vol. 1

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Baby & Me, Vol. 1

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Baby & Me, Vol. 1 by Gina Badone, is a fun and educational class that stimulates babies and toddlers with music and movement. This class is a Mommy and Me type.

Parents will sing and dance to classic nursery rhymes with a twist to excite and exercise the little ones in this class. This class includes a change of perspective, socializing, bonding with your baby, and even some primary baby sign language.

As babies are changing every day, there is always something to share. Begin class with "checking in" with the parents, having them introduce themselves and say their baby's name and something new has come up this week. This class allows parents to bond with each other and feel more comfortable participating, singing, and dancing with their babies.

The double-enhanced CD Includes Vocals and Instrumental tracks of each song. Movement notation is also included.

  • Hello Song – 1:04
  • Open Shut Them – 1:39
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider – 1:20
  • Wiggly Fish – 1:30
  • Row Row Row Your Boat – 1:29
  • Wheels on the Bus – 1:49
  • Old McDonald – 1:23
  • If You're Happy and You Know It – 1:28
  • ABC – 1:24
  • Goodbye Song -:46
  • PDF file of movement notation 

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