The Philosophy of Your Dance Studio


The Philosophy of Your Dance Studio

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The Philosophy of Your Dance Studio by Darryl Retter offers an insight of how important it is to know why you're doing what you're doing with your studio.

Almost every decision can be derived from understanding the philosophy of your studio. From the direction of your advertisement to answering the inevitable “Concerns from your customers”, to disciplining your students, to deciding when to move a student up to the next level, you must have an easily understandable and heart-felt philosophy. It must be right on the tip of your tongue, ready without warning to share and educate. It’s also imperative your staff knows, understands and backs the philosophy of your business.

Darryl Retter presents the Dance Studio Toolbox papers to offer studio owners solid concepts in having a profitable dance studio. Each paper is designed as a separate tool to use to build the best business foundation for the studio owner. Download these free papers and start building your business.

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