The Dance Studio Toolbox, Book 1, 2nd Edition


The Dance Studio Toolbox, Book 1, 2nd Edition

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The Dance Studio Toolbox, Book 1, 2nd Edition - Can’t make it to one of Darryl’s Business Classes at MusicWorks Dance Teacher Connection, Dance Makers, or Adrenaline? Then this 70-page workbook is for you. This book is designed to offer information as well as a workbook in a step-by-step format. You’re given tasks to achieve with blanks to fill in. If you use this book as it’s designed, you will see massive growth in the business structure of your studio.

This issue includes three classes:

Develop The Right Image - Promoting One’s Business • ŸWho-What-Where-Why-How of Advertising • The Student Body Pyramid • The Structure of a Good Ad Ÿ• A.I.D.A. (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Ÿ • Basic Design Rules Ÿ • Tracking Your Advertising Ÿ • Methods of Advertisement Ÿ• Seasons for Advertising for the Dance Studio

Money Saving Tips - Spending Way Too Much • Cut Costs Now • Tend Your Flock • Are You Buying Nothing? • Are You Exercising Effective Negotiation? • That Small Class: Keep It or Close It

Connect With Your Community - Pre-Schools • Parent-Teacher Associations • Fairs, Festivals • Chamber of Commerce • Outreach Programs


Download Bonus – Once purchased, you’ll receive a link for:

  • 7 license-free pictures of young dancers for your print ads (Property of Retter productions and licensed to you). These pictures have had their background removed. Give these to your graphic artist and he can use for any ad.
  • 7 Fonts that Darryl finds himself using over and over again in print ads - Clean, Crisp, Neat.

Darryl Retter has owned and operated Retter’s Academy of Dance with wife Linda Bernabei Retter in the Los Angeles area for nearly 25 years. He writes from the wisdom that only experience can offer. Along with operating the Dance Studio, Darryl has taught business classes for the dance studio owners for over 15 years. Working with literally thousands of studios, as well as his new one-on-one Studio Business Coaching sessions, Darryl has come to realize that there are very few NEW challenges for the dance studio owner. These challenges have always been there, and Darryl wants to help you push through them. His main goal is summed up by one of his often-said statements, “I want the Studio to work for you, not the other way around”.

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