The Al Gilbert Timeless Collection, Vol. 37


The Al Gilbert Timeless Collection, Vol. 37

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NEW! 7 routines from Al Gilbert's Treasured Library! This CD features 14 tracks of some of Al's best and most popular work. Each song on this CD has a Vocal Instruction Track and a Performance Track. As an added bonus, the original video of each dance has been transferred to DVD and is included as our FREE gift to you! This DVD also has an Instructional Version as well as a Performance Version of each routine. Don't miss out on this Timeless Collection of sure fire hits just as Al created them! The choreographic notes are on PDF files on both the CD and the DVD and can easily be printed when inserted in a computer.

This Timeless Volume contains: 
  • Rhythm Is Our Business, Grade 1 Song & Tap (TA 1159),
  • Hip Hop Baby, Pre-Jazz or Pre-Tap Song & Dance (TA 1161),
  • Little Ballet Bride, Pre-Ballet Song & Dance (TA 1163),
  • With A Smile And A Song, Pre-Ballet Song & Dance (TA 1165),
  • Play A Simple Melody, Grade 2 Tap (TA 1167),
  • Strike Up The Band, Grade 3-4 Tap (TA 1169),
  • Anvil Chorus - Grade 4-5 Tap (TA 1171).

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