The Al Gilbert Timeless Collection, Vol. 36


The Al Gilbert Timeless Collection, Vol. 36

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The Al Gilbert Timeless Collection, Vol. 36 by Al Gilbert offers 8 dances from pre-tap level to grade 5 tap (advanced). This is a CD/DVD bundle that features 16  of some of Al's best and most popular work.

CD includes 16 tracks (Vocal Instruction Track and a Performance Track of each dance)

DVD includes Instructional Versions and Performance Versions of each dance.

Don't miss out on this Timeless Collection of sure fire hits just as Al created them! The choreographic notes are on PDF files on both the CD and the DVD and can easily be printed when inserted in a computer.

This Timeless Volume contains:

  • Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello - Pre-School Song & Creative Movement (TA 1158)
  • We Love To See You Smile - Grade 1 Song & Tap (TA 1160)
  • Santa Claus Is A Real Cool Cat - Jr. Jazz Song & Dance (TA 1162)
  • Tinker Bell & Never Never Land - Primary to Grade 1 Song & Ballet (TA 1164)
  • Feel It & Tap – Grade 2 Tap (TA 1166)
  • Broadway Melody – Grade 3 Tap (TA 1168)
  • Dance To The Music – Grade 4-5 Tap (TA 1170) 
  • On Broadway Tap – Grade 5 Tap (TA 1172)

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