Music Makes Me Move


Music Makes Me Move

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The across the floor combinations are taught in a slow, methodical way, then sped up to tempo so you can easily master these moves today and teach your classes tonight. All movement on this DVD is in the ultra fresh style that Brad offers at conventions and as a choreographer in studios around the nation. Brad presents bright, crisp, and cool movement that your dancers will love to perform. Whether you use this material for in-class combos or add to your own choreography for your recital, it’s sure to make your dancers smile.

This DVD includes:

  • 6 Across The Floor Combos
  • Jr Combo to “Rock My Dunks” (Music by Remi)
  • Int Combo to “Change The World” (Music by Remi)
  • Adv Combo to “My Baby” (Music by Remi)

Recording artist Remi offers original music to Brad’s work, which is sold separately on the CD “I Just Move My Feet”. (BTCD1)

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