Fourteen Top Tunes For Tap


Fourteen Top Tunes For Tap

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This collection includes instrumental-only versions of these classic songs:

    • I Want To Be Happy is from the Broadway musical “No No Nanette” and is a grade 5-6 high intermediate-advanced tap dance. This is a quick tap with some nice stop time. 96 Meas, Time: 1:57
    • Tea For Two is from the Broadway musical “No No Nanette” and is recorded in its most classic style . A grade 2-3 tap dance, this is the perfect dance for your 8-11 year old tappers, or your beginner adult class. Every tapper should learn “the old soft shoe” and this dance delivers! 64 Meas, Time: 2:38
    • Walking My Baby Back Home is from the classic movie with the same title. This choreography is set for your solid grade 3 tappers (9-12 year olds) and is also perfect for your adult tappers. With a slight Dixie swing, and some nice stop time, this rhythm-buck dance will be a sure hit at your show. 68 Meas. Time: 2:03
    • Varsity Drag is one of the most well known songs from the Charleston era. This song and style of dance was so popular, Sandy Duncan and Tommy Tune brought it back in the late 70’s. This choreography is a solid grade 4 dance to challenge your tweens to young teens. 40 Meas. Time – 2:01
    • The Band Played On is one of the best-known waltzes ever written. Created in the late 1800’s, it resurged as the main song in the movie “Strawberry Blonde” starring James Cagney in the mid-30’s. This is an easy waltz dance for your grade two dancers (7-9 year olds). 64 meas. Time: 1:34
    • Rhythm Buck is a hand clapping, inspiring song that keeps your dancers moving. This is a solid grade 5 dance for your high intermediate tappers. With a variety of tempos, your dancers will love the challenge. 96 Meas. Time: 2:18
    • Saints Go Marching originated as a gospel song and recorded by the Louise Armstrong Orchestra. This recording stays true to the ever-quickening tempos as the original. Your dancers will enjoy the stop time near the end of the dance. This is a grade 5 and up dance to challenge your advanced tappers. 98 Meas. Time: 2:23
    • Oh, Lady Be Good, written by Geroge Gershwin, and originally performed by George and Ira Gershwin was probably most remembered by Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition in 1959. This version takes the classic ballad and breathes new life into it with a Dixie-swing energy. The fast footwork and interesting tap patterns will challenge your solid grade 5 tap dancers. 86 meas. Time: 2:03
    • Carolina In The Morning was originally recorded by Al Jolson in 1947. This sweet classic song is considered a honky-tonk soft shoe. Your grade 4 tappers will enjoy this “relaxed” easy groove. 68 Meas. Time: 2:25
    • My Blue Heaven was number 1 on the charts for 26 weeks in 1928. Many artists have covered this song throughout the decades. We’ve taken this classic and created a disco version of it. Your grade 4 tappers will enjoy the groove and your audience will remember the melody. 68 Meas. Time: 2:27
    • Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams was originally recorded by Bing Crosby in 1931, then covered by artists such as Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, and Dean Martin. This is a honky-tong tap dance for your intermediate, grade 4 tappers. 80 Meas. Time: 2:15
    • C'est Magifique was written by Cole Porter and for his Broadway musical, Can-Can in 1953. Many legendary artists throughout the years including Ella Fitzgerald have covered this song. The choreography set to this song is a grade 3 Rhythm-Buck tap dance. Your 9-12 year olds will really like this one. 82 Meas. Time: 2:11
    • Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy was originally performed by Red Foley in 1950, and then covered by greats such as Bing Crosby, Louise Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Faron Young. This is a fun Boogie Woogie style, solid grade 3 dance (9-12 yr olds). 66 Meas. Time: 2:38
    • Little Rock Getaway was written by Joe Sullivan in 1935 and is a fast buck style tap dance. Created for your grade 3 tappers, your 9-12 year olds will really enjoy this fast tap dance. This is also a great song for your adult tappers. 96 Meas. Time: 2:10

Enhanced CD includes:

    • iTunes files of each song. Drag and drop into your iTunes library
    • PDF files of notes, simply insert into your computer rom drive to view or print

*Training aids are also available for separate purchase


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