Dancing Around The World


Dancing Around The World

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This very special assortment of songs from around the world offers instrumentals and children’s vocals. 31 tracks of music and 24 dances created by Al Gilbert. This is the perfect collection of songs for the theme, “Dancing Around The World”. A MUST for every dance studio.

Choreography Notes Included for:

"It’s A Small World” – Grd 3 Tap, “American Doll” – Beginner Character, “Dutch Doll” – Beginner Character Duet, “Tarantella” – Beginner Dance with Tambourine Prop, “Spanish Doll (Carmella)” – Intermediate Ballet, “Swiss Doll (Tyrolean)” – Beginner Character, “Oriental Doll” – Low Intermediate character dance with Finger Cymbal Props, “Olga (Polish)” – Low Int Polka, “Irish Doll” – Beginner Character, “Chinese Doll” – Low Intermediate Character Dance with Fan Prop, “Scottish Dance” – Beginner Jazz Character, “Mexican Doll (Jota)” – Low Intermediate Ballet Character, “Norwegian Doll “Ermin” – Low Intermediate Ballet Character, “Russian Dolls (Manya)” – Intermediate Ballet Character, “English Doll” – Beginner Character Ballet, “French Doll” – Beginner Can-Can, “American Doll” – Beginner Ballet, “Dancing Gypsy” – Pre-school dance with Tambourine Prop, “Dancing Leprechaun” – Grade 3 Song & Dance, “Dancing Musketeer” – Grd 1 Jazz dance with Sword and Scabbard Prop, “Tzena Tzena Tzena” (Israel) – Ethnic Song and Dance, “Tiny Tot Tarantella” – Preschool Song & Dance, “Kiddie Can-Can” – Grd 1 Song & Dance, “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” – Grd 1-2 Lyrical

Enhanced CD Includes:

    • 31 tracks of international music
    • Choreography Notes for 24 dance

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