Dance Class Plans, Grd 6 Tap, Month 3


Dance Class Plans, Grd 6 Tap, Month 3

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Please download to a computer, not a mobile device.

Please download to computer not mobile device.

DanceClassPlans, Grd 6 Tap, Month 3 is based in Al Gilbert’s Grade 6 Tap Technique. Your dancers are now considered Advanced Tappers. Perfect for your 15 year old dancers and up Included in this month’s class plans are video files of Center, Across The Floor, and Combination.


  • Darryl Retter Grd 6 Warm Up
  • Jump Scuffle Combo
  • Nerve Tap Combo
  • Single Pullback Practice
  • Shuffle Grab-off Changing Feet

Across The Floor:

  • Skip Combo
  • Truckin’ Combo


“Parachute” by Ingrid Michaelson


  • Links to music included
  • First time ever - Darryl Retter’s Tap Warm Up on Video
  • Easy to Follow Notes Included

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