Dance Class Plans, Grd 3 Tap, Month 2


Dance Class Plans, Grd 3 Tap, Month 2

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DanceClassPlans, Tap 3, Month 2 is based on Al Gilbert’s Grade 3 Tap Technique. Perfect for your 9-11 year old tappers. Included in this month’s class plans are video files of Barre, Center, Across The Floor, and Combination.


  • Crossing and Uncrossing shuffles in 4 speeds
  • Shuffle Hop, Shuffle Hop Toe, Shuffle Ballchange, & Maxi Ford Combo from grd 4
  • Flaps
  • Walking Flaps
  • Flap Heel
  • Walking Flap Heel


  • Waltz Clog Combo I
  • Waltz Clog Combo II
  • Waltz Clog Combo I & II Combined
  • Lindy Combo
  • Refining Running Flaps

Across The Floor:

  • Flap Ballchange and Sugar Combo
  • Stamp Chug Combo


“Count On Me” by Bruno Mars


    • Links to music included
    • Extra Choreography for extended combo (On Notes Only – Not On Video)
    • Easy to Follow Notes Included

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